Time Freedom Money Making Challenge

Time Freedom Money Making Challenge

Time Freedom: Money Making Challenge

Gain more time in order to make more money with ease.

You will learn:

-Productivity Hacks + Time Management Strategies

-Receive a custom content calendar for a month created specifically for your business. You won't run out of content ideas or topics to engage your audience for the month.

- *Optional --> 30 Day Profit Plan {if you have purchased the prerequisite eBook "Make Money on Instagram" purchase for $20.20

-Identify Your Target Audience

-How to Automate Your Business & Gain Consistent Leads

-You will also have access to your marketing expert for 10 days during this challenge for support, to answer questions and accountability.

-Completion and consistency equal success which is why you are given support during this challenge unlike many other programs out there. I and my team care about your success.

8 Modules

Welcome to Time Freedom Money Making Challenge with Dezarae

Welcome to the Time Freedom Money Making Challenge where you will work with me over the next 7-10 days learning how to but not limited:

  • Productivity Hacks
  • Custom 1 Month Content Calendar (Ideas/ topics)
  • Gain more time through time managing strategies
  • Generate more leads
  • Learn how to focus on completion until successful
  • Be supported by a community of other women and your marketing consultant with over 7 years of experience.
  • Chat support, messaging center, and more so you'll have access to myself and the team throughout this amazing mind-blowing experience.

You will gain back more time and focus on the money-making activities while being supported every step of the way.

Day 1: Your Current Schedule

In this lesson, I will teach you productivity hacks and help you find extra time in your schedule to focus on your CEO money-making tasks, put systems in place, and have more time to grow your business. Marketing is crucial for the success of your business and whether you are working a job on top of a business or not it's critical to make time for the important activities. You will learn exactly what you need to do and will have time to focus on being productive vs busy.

Day 2: Time Management: Schedule Clean Up

In this lesson, you will receive feedback from your marketing and business development consultant about your time management and what you can do to adjust. You are more than welcome to make suggested changes but not required to. It's recommending that you spend at least 4-7 hours per week on your content scheduling, strategy, and marketing your business these hours can increase. You will see that it is possible to make time for your business to grow and services your paid and free audience. 

Day 3: Target Audience

Welcome to the Targeting Buyers 101 Training course.

  • To get the best value from this course go through each training in order.
  • Follow Through don't just start and not finish millionaires and billionaires study they not only take out time for professional development but apply the knowledge and skills.
  • I walk you through my process of defining my ideal buyers and their pain points along with other factors that have helped me target my ideal buyers in my content, copy, online, and offline marketing messages.
  • You may know what you need to do but maybe you don't know how or why you need to take action now.
  • You can't serve everyone no need to feel that you are leaving others out it's important to niche down and narrow your ideal audience who can then become your ideal buyer.
  • If you know specifically what you can do for your ideal buyers and communicate that fluently in your messaging ---money in the bank!

Day 4: Money Making Activities

In this lesson, you will learn about what money-making activities you should be focused on. Please note that you will not receive a profit plan or feedback from the consultant about the few strategies you should implement until you have completed all of the modules. Hard work pays off and you will be rewarded for completing this course successfully including all tasks and (questions). 

Day 6: Challenges & Feedback

Modules for this product 8
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